For too long, the victims of crime have been the forgotten persons of our criminal 
justice system ~ Ronald Reagan 



Today the Pursuit of Justice (POJ) made the difficult decision to ‘kill’ their contract. We have closed down all Social Media and will no longer be trading on any platforms.

The reason for the decision are as follows;

1) Upon launch Saturday 12th June, the developer (who had created the contract/token) failed to attend the meeting and deploy the token, deposit the liquidity, lock the liquidity, and finalise the setting of the token price for launch

2) Alternate developers were contacted for support and after managing to source and pay one, the token was launched approx. 1 ½ hours late

3) After realizing the price of the token was incorrectly set (our market cap was almost the same as Bitcoin), we looked at ways to try and rectify the problem

4) An error was made in a transaction and all liquidity was burnt

5) Being a small self-funded family created token, we do not have the means or assets to re-invest a second time around, and even if we did, we cannot fix the incorrect pricing from launch, nor can the contract be amended, so, the decision has been made to end the project all together


For those who have invested, the email address will remain active, please send a screenshot of the purchase, along with the BSCscan transaction link, and we will make every effort to return your purchase amount to you, please keep in mind that this may take some time, but we are in no way shape or from expecting you to absorb the purchase as a loss, never to be refunded.

We have people to apologise to, mainly the entire true crime community and the families of the missing/murdered, most of which we had engaged (in the upmost sincerity) and had every intention of helping, that intention was genuine, however, unfortunately our passion, intention and drive for justice was being powered by Cryptocurrency, which we have learnt the hard way, sees you relying and trusting an entire realm of people you have a) never met and b) hold absolutely no loyalty to you.

We have unfortunately learnt this the hard way, we were hamstrung from the beginning and we were never given a shot. From the moment our developer failed us, we were never going to succeed, unfortunately for all our followers and supporters, neither were you!

On the other side we have many, many people to thank, out of respect and privacy I will not name you, as much as I want to, but you know who you are, our employees, our families, our friends, whether you helped drive our socials content and marketing, pumped us up on your own personal social pages, talked us up to your friends, family, colleagues, customers or suppliers, helped us with ideas and solutions to the multitude of problems we were facing, or simply decided to like, follow, retweet and joined us on our journey we are humbled and grateful and thankyou sincerely.


All employees of the Organisation have been let go and no profits have been made, in fact the Organisation has incurred to date a debt in excessive of $8000+ (AUD). We do not regret it, because had this been launched properly and the way it should have been, we believe we really could have helped a lot of families who desperately need and deserve answers, truth, and justice.

With a heavy heart we sign off for the last time and leave you with the promise that we will continue to work hard in our private lives and maybe one day we will have saved enough to try again, because our belief that the justice and truth should be a god given basic human right will never waiver.


The Pursuit Of Justice